Our Customers

With professionalism and consistency, we have managed to build relationships of trust with our customers.

Luxury Cars

Choose one of the Luxury Cars at Valet Parking and style your wedding, or your social outing.

Classic cars

Do you want for a bridal car a luxury Vintage Car? H Valet Parking has the solution for you! Choose one of our collectors’ cars and make your wedding memorable!

Valet Parking

At Valet Parking, we fully undertake the study and equipment we will need to build the car park in a safe place for your customers’ cars.

We undertake every kind of event. We cater to event organizers, multi-party, catering, entertainment, hotels, companies and individuals.

Parking Management

With a view to the absolute service and maximum satisfaction of your guests, we give priority to people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, parents with young children.

Valet Parking

The courtesy, respect, honesty and professionalism of the Company’s members have been and are important factors in its development.

Valet Parking
Safety and Professionalism

With Valet Parking you have the ability to provide your guests with high-level parking services. Our consistency, security, professionalism and recommendations from our customers is our guarantee for a flawless collaboration.

Valet Parking has been specializing in the provision of parking services for many years and operates in accordance with Greek law and is fully legal and corporate in nature and taxes to the Greek State.