Valet Parking with 15 years experience in the field, is one of the most dynamic Greek outsourcers possible, providing the highest standard at the best prices in the market of professional associates .

Parking services mainly Businesses and individuals who wish to exempt their customers – guests from the stress of parking, adding to the validity of the provided services.

Courtesy, respect, honesty and professionalism among its members, have been and are important factors in the evolution and development .

The manpower of the Company consists of professional drivers with many years experience in driving and parking of vehicles.

The experience of many years and the constant updating of our partners allows us to provide excellent organization with absolute precision, combined with the high level of service that we can not guarantee responsible, fast and above all reliable service, always full meet the needs of the customer.

The development of a sound value for trust between us and our partners helped and helps up today for excellent service which is our priority that our clients rank us in one of the most trusted and renowned companies in the field .

Parking Se


Η εταιρεία μας


  • Any site selected by the customer to conduct personal or corporate event.
  • Nightclubs & Bar – Restaurants
  • Foodservice like, Diner, Café-Bar, or hotels where various events take place (weddings, events, etc.)
  • Multiplexes events / receptions Estates.
  • Private Parties & all kinds of events in Houses

Our company fully meets your needs, regardless of the number of persons, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.