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Κτήμα 48

Ktima 48

Ktima 48 is a private estate that has been refurbished to the highest specification, to create an outdoor venue suitable for receptions, parties and other events.

Domaine Karras

Domaine Karras

Mojito Bay

Mojito Bay

Mojito Bay is distinguished by an amazing beach with comfortable sun – loungers and two fully equipped Beach Volley courts, for fans of sports. The Club area offers impressive polygonal bars and is the perfect setting for unique cocktail events.

Κτήμα Ίριδα

Irida Estate

The impeccable architecture and beauty of the area, along with its favorable location and the excellent facilities it offers, are the basic ingredients to accommodate the most beautiful moments of your life, just as you have dreamed of …

Κτήμα Ναϊάς

Domaine Naias

Wedding and baptism at the most beautiful stone-built chapel, reception in the most erotic property and hall with glazed windows for unlimited, unique view.
Guaranteed Suggestions for a Perfect Reception

Κτήμα Κλεοπάτρα

Kleopatra Estate

The Cleopatra Wedding Estate is the ideal reception venue to host your wedding, your baptism, your corporate or personal party.
With a pool, a chapel to fulfill your wedding mystery, the Cleopatra estate in the South Suburbs of Athens is all weather.


Vintage Estate

The Vintage Estate has carefully landscaped grounds, suitable to host receptions throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Κτήμα Ζολώτα

Domaine Zozota

Hidden as a precious secret, in the embrace of a beautiful relief and lush scenery, Domaine Zolotas is an oasis of elegance, which you will find from the very first moment you will visit it.

Κτήμα Diamond

Domaine Diamond

Domaine DIAMOND, an ideal choice for social and business events next to the river Chelidon, in Nea Kifissia. Wonderful but also romantic area with lush vegetation and country air.


Club Polydroso

For a dream wedding, discover Club Polydroso.
With the main aim of preserving and rebuilding the old stone buildings that dominate the area, it retained its traditional identity to dreamily color the most important moment of your life.


Domaine Liosati

For the most important night of your life, we have prepared an idyllic setting, amidst the lush landscape. The large swimming pool and the lush garden complete the perfect setting.


Domaine Xatzi

A series of no accidental occasions led the Xatzi family, a historic family from Smyrna, who had a history of acquiring the estate – there was a hill in a great location that stretched on top of a large plateau with spectacular views to all sides and mostly westward towards the Saronic and the valleys of Anavyssos.



Diamonds Catering

The receptionists take from the first to the last detail all stages of implementation, solving your every question at any point. At the same time with their suggestions, they make you create your own result.

Αύρα catering

Aura Catering

Aura Catering has been active in the catering sector since 1992. Continuing family tradition, starting with confectionery in 1980, it evolves daily in the area of focusing on the quality and values of a family business and the professionalism of a large company.

Μπεγνής Catering

Mpegnis Catering

With a long journey from 1985, Beginning Catering is synonymous with success in meeting the most demanding events.
Our goal is to provide you and your guests with the best service and the freshest materials in collaboration with valued professionals and catering specialists.

Golden Catering

Catering Golden

Golden Catering Established in 2007, he has been in the demanding catering industry since then, and has become a proud member of the Momentum Hospitality Services group in 2017.



Gastronomy like Art. Soul Kitchen. Great Chefs. Local materials. International Trends. Non-negotiable Quality. Authenticity and Tradition. Love and Vision. Cosmopolitanism with Essence. Leadership and Renewal.



With its main pillars, experience, excellent professionalism and the excellent quality of the services offered, INTERCATERING has been one of the largest and most well-organized units active in the field of events and receptions for 25 years.

aria fine catering

ARIA Fine Catering

Since 1997 we have been offering exclusive menus and catering services for professional and social events, either in areas under our management or anywhere in Athens and the nearby islands.

Touch catering

GTouch Catering

GTouch started in 2004 by Evangelos Giannouklidis and is housed in its modern facilities in Peania, in order to offer its knowledge and passion to those who appreciate the events and the excellent food


Bar - Restaurants

All senses gastronomy


We offer a seasonal and continuously sensory tasting menu experience.
Please allow 2½ hours for you and your guests.

Artisanal Lounge & Gardens


Artisanal’s gastronomic journey continues with the wind blowing between the trees of the garden, the smells emerging from the kitchen, the fresh ingredients carefully selected according to the season, the sound of ice that swirls in the glasses of the bar and the smiles guests who are daily flooding this carefree corner of Athens.

Restaurant το mperdema

Mperdema Restaurant

Konstantinopolitis Lakis Fotiadis began his Bertrand in 1998 in Kifissia at Vasilissis Amalias Street, which left his own story.
Coming from a completely different place professionally, but growing up with the flavors and fragrances of the City and genuine gourmets, he decided to share with more people his love for quality and authentic food.


T-Square Restaurant

The T-Square team is made up of the most respected collaborators (chef, sous-chef, baristas etc).
They are inspired and create tasteful choices in harmony and impeccable looks.



In gastronomy, in-situ determination refers to the art of cooking with available raw materials depending on the time or the time you cook.





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